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The Past

I started playing piano when I was 4, guitar at 8 and began school singing lessons at 17.  I really loved the piano and the more I improved, the more I loved it.  At around 13, I found myself songwriting without even realising it.  I properly wrote my first song when I was taking a break from revising for my GCSEs, at 16.  I grabbed my kiddy-sized guitar, played a loop of the easiest 4 chords and it flowed out of me.  It then became my go-to revision break.  Then my break from pretty much everything.  

When I turned 17, it became my everything.

I studied Music Tech at my 6th Form - the only music course that wasn't classical. I auditioned for a few different Music Unis and got offers from all of them.  I was really surprised honestly  - I'd doubted myself - I never had true confirmation that I was any good, other than family and friends.. through the auditioning process I started convincing myself I wasn't good enough.


 I moved into my halls at Leeds College of Music in September 2018.  I made some great memories, life-time friends and loved being around like-minded people. However, I found myself sitting in the library staring at my computer screen spending hours writing essays with titles such as why Dua Lipa's 'New Rules' was successful.  It drove me mad - I don't want to analyse someone else's success; I want success.  After a lot of convincing my parents, they finally let me leave.  I didn't leave them much choice when I had refused to go to all of my lectures for the past few months!  I'd spend all my time using the conservatoire facilities - the grand pianos, facilities, practice rooms.. then after 4 months of uni, I left.


Once my parents on board, they very fortunately agreed to let me move back home to East Yorkshire. I would then spend the next 18 months writing, practicing, researching,  producing, networking, performing (when it wasn't lockdown) learning, growing.  They gradually began to believe in me more and more as I proved to them how serious I was about this, as they witnessed me work as hard as possible everyday to create the beginnings of what could be a successful career.

The Present

It's December 2023 - I moved to London in August 2021. I spent a year gigging all over London, building my network and getting hundreds  of performances under my belt. I'd travel to open mics 3/4/5 times a week - sometimes performing to a crowd of 30 or so, sometimes to literally a man and his dog.

I then progressed to booked gigs. I had agencies reach out to me to help me secure better venues and get on artist nights.

Since winter of 2022, I've made an album, formed a band and we're now performing at venues I've admired for years - o2 academy, Camden assembly, the Bedford.. and the first single of the album 'December' has just come out, along with the music video I directed, produced and edited. 


The Future

I'm excited to build up release momentum with the singles from the album. I'm continuing to write more songs in-between performing, creating music videos and 

organising the single releases. 

My goal is to headline a stadium world tour.  It sounds unrealistic, but I believe I can do it.  I want it enough, I'm willing to work as hard as possible.. wanna watch the journey?

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