The Past

I started playing piano when I was 4, guitar at 8 and began school singing lessons at 17.  I really loved the piano and the more I improved, the more I loved it.  At around 13, I found myself songwriting without even realising it.  I properly wrote my first song when I was taking a break from revising for my GCSEs, at 16.  I grabbed my kiddy-sized guitar, played a loop of the easiest 4 chords and it flowed out of me.  It then became my go-to revision break.  Then my break from pretty much everything.  

When I turned 17, it became my everything.

I studied Music Tech at my 6th Form - the only music course that wasn't classical. I auditioned for a few different Music Unis and actually got accepted into all of them.  I was really surprised honestly  - I'd really got in my head and doubted myself, I started convincing myself I wasn't good enough.


 I moved into my halls at Leeds College of Music in September 2018.  I made some great memories, life-time friends and loved being around like-minded people. However, I found myself sitting in the library staring at my computer screen spending hours writing essays on why Dua Lipa's 'New Rules' was successful.  It drove me mad - I don't want to analyse someone else's success;  I want success.  After a lot of convincing my parents, they finally let me leave.  I didn't leave them much choice when I had refused to go to all of my lectures for the past month!  So after 4 months of uni, I left.


I moved back to my home in Yorkshire and spent the next 9 months of 2019 writing, practicing, researching,  producing, networking, performing, learning, growing.  I'm am full of new knowledge, improved at my craft and bursting with motivation.  Now it's time to live.

^^Lol I wrote that last bit at the in March 2020.. little did I know!! 

The Present

It's January 2021 - we're entering another 6 week lockdown in the UK.  So far I've released 4 songs.  Momentum is key and I love making music so there'll be a flow of releases throughout 2021.   I moved to London in Feb 2020 to be closer to the action - producers, vocal coach, gigs.  Moved back to Yorkshire at end of March for lockdown.  I'm working on branding and marketing right now as well as songwriting, singing, production etc. I'm gradually releasing singles, with EPs on their way later this year.  I'm lucky enough to be working with an incredible producer who has become my mentor.  I'm been recording from a home studio made out of blankets and cushions in the corner of my sister's bedroom.  My producer, who's based in London, and I are going to have some zoom sessions as I record some live takes for my next releases.  I'm excited.. thank god for Zoom!!

The Future

My goal is to headline a stadium world tour.  It sounds unrealistic, but I believe I can do it.  I want it enough, I'm willing to work as hard as possible.. so why not?  Wanna watch the journey?

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