Hey! So I've decided to document my journey as a recording artist. I personally would have been interested to hear the behind the scenes throughout an artist's journey - and I want to be able to look back at this when I've (hopefully!) achieved my goals.

My goals are to headline a world stadium tour. I know - sounds unrealistic. But honestly 3 years ago the thought of having 300,000 Spotify streams in my first 12 months of releasing music sounded super unrealistic to me, and I achieved that! I'm optimistic and love working hard, let's see where I get to :)

I've been doing music full time since I was 18 (started officially around January 2019). I'm 21 now. I'm currently living in London in a house share - I moved here 31st July 2021, from my parents' house in East Yorkshire. I've performed all over London - standout gigs for me were at The Bedford in Balham and Ram Jam Records in Kingston. I've been working with my producer Patrick Byrne for 2 years now - he's now my consultant/mentor, good friend and producer. I currently don't have management; that's something I'm now open to. I'm working weekly with a vocal coach - have been for about 22 months now. I'm releasing singles every month - my latest single came out on Christmas Eve, titled Love With You. Currently have 10k monthly listeners and my most streamed song is Horses Make Me Cry at 134k streams on Spotify. I've been creating and releasing music videos - latest was the 'Everything I Ever Dreamed Of' music video - next will be 'Love With You' - planning the at one now.

I have such a strong passion for this career that I never feel demotivated or lacked enthusiasm for it - although it is hard to always consistently stay positive. Self doubt can be overwhelming and the pandemic reallyyyyy tested it. When you can't perform in person, you can't get that real-life look-you-in-the-eye feedback from your set. You can't test out new songs, build your confidence, network (virtual networking isn't the same. A handshake is powerful!) .

It can be tough. I'm happy to create my own schedule, although it's difficult to know if I'm doing enough, or if I'm doing too much. There's no assignment to complete or tasks to tick off.. I make my own to-do lists but I can make them too long and then get burnt out/stressed that I"m not doing enough.. when I'm actually overdoing it. That's something I'm working on! I'll stop typing now or this first post will become a novel lol. I'll check back in soon.

PS. I've decided to start this blog in a very spur of the moment decision. Likely no one will find it/read it lol! But at the least, I'll enjoy reading it back in 5, 10, ..50 years time.

Lilo xx

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